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Adobe Illustrator Vector Cartoons
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Artwork and Design for Games
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Graphic Design Work
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Packaging Design and Logos
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Animation, Photo Editing and More

Cory Thoman Illustration & Design

Welcome to the portfolio site of illustrator and designer Cory Thoman. I’m available for freelance work. I specialize in vector illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator, but I’ve worked on a variety of other projects as well. Feel free to contact me at cory@900foot.com or use the link below for a quote for your freelance project.

Game Art & Design

I’ve worked on a number game designs and illustrations for web and mobile apps. Aside from programming, I’m able to work on most aspects of the job from top to bottom (ideas, sketches, buttons, logos, animation, etc.).

Graphic Design & Layout

I’ve also worked on packaging design, children’s books, menus, and a multitude of catalog and printed guides. I even worked on toy and product design at a job for a several years.

Logos and Packaging

Brands are important to companies. Whether that brand needs to be created with a new logo or just needs to be adhered to from an existing style guide for packaging projects, I’ve worked on it.

And Much More...

I have a stock/clip art portfolio of over 40,000 images. I’ve done some animation, photo editing and have some limited knowledge of HTML. There’s always more to learn too.


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